Barbie Could Be Coming To Cinemas In Saudi Arabia, UAE This Week

Greta Gerwig’s record-breaking blockbuster ‘Barbie‘ is set to be released in cinemas in Saudi Arabia and the UAE starting this Thursday.

Initially set to premiere in the Gulf region on July 21, along with its worldwide release, the film’s release date was delayed to August 31 due to suggestions from local censors for minor edits.

Saudi entertainment platform MovSto tweeted Sunday that ‘Barbie’ will be screened in Saudi Arabia, adding that the release date may only be a few days away. By Monday, Warner Bros Middle East confirmed that the movie is coming to cinemas in the kingdom from August 10, and multiplexes like Vox Cinemas started listing it on their ticket booking portals.

Vox Cinemas, Roxy Cinemas, and Reel Cinemas have earlier announced the film will hit the cinemas in the UAE this Thursday. Their announcement came after the UAE approved on August 3 the release of the “Barbie” movie after a delay of over a month over possible content issues.

‘Barbie’ made Gerwig the first woman to surpass the $1 billion mark as a solo director. The movie officially made $1.031 billion globally over its first three weekends.

Julian Nasser
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